3 to WATCH 2.10.21

‘3 to Watch’ is an occasional feature where we recommend 3 films from ‘The Watchlist From Hell’ our podcast watchlist compiled (by Dan Pullen) of every film we have covered or discussed on the show. For our ‘3 to Watch’ feature, there is no rhyme or reason necessarily to why we selected these 3 particular films. Sometimes we will write a few words or share a review, and sometimes we will share a link to a stream if we have one available.

Psycho III

Psycho III 1986 Anthony Perkins

The Devil's Cleavage

The Devil’s Cleavage (1975) George Kuchar

Clean, Shaven

Clean, Shaven, 1993 Lodge Kerrigan

PSYCHO III (1986, Anthony Perkins)
Psycho III was a recent first time watch for me. I avoided this one for years due to my overwhelming affection for the 1983 Richard Franklin directed 'Psycho II'. Psycho II was my most watched VHS I owned and based on dozens and dozens of viewings I have developed a deep appreciation for the mood of the film and its stars Anthony Perkins and Meg Tilly. When I finally got around to watching Psycho III it was for our podcast. I was initially surprised to discover it was directed by Perkins himself and stood alone as its own film without much more than literal references to the original 'Psycho' (1960). I walked away from this one wishing that Perkins would have lived longer and would have been able to direct more, this was a truly impressive effort by him with many scenes being re-watched by me to catch all the technique and detail. I felt like Perkins was channeling Ken Russell a bit, which makes sense since he worked with Russell only a couple years prior on another one of my 80's VHS staples "Crimes of Passion" (1984)

Here is the podcast we did on the film with our friend John Arminio:

The Devil's Cleavage (1975, George Kuchar)
The Devil's Cleavage is one of the most talked about Kuchar films and it is also one of the hardest to find a stream of online. I actually make a sport of looking for it occasionally to see if I can find a short-lived stream of it online somewhere. I have had the opportunity to sit through it in one sitting and it is glorious...

happy hunting.

In the meantime here are a couple clips as well as a stream for the must see Documentary  "It came from Kuchar" - if you have not watched this yet, I can comfortably call you a sell-out and a terrible cinephile - I am even saving you the time by providing the link below, you have no excuse now!!!

Clip 2
It Came from Kuchar
Clean, Shaven (1993, Lodge Kerrigan)
I had the pleasure recently of recording a podcast with Dan Pullen and our friend Marcus Pinn of "Pinnland Empire" and 'ZEBRAS IN AMERICA' where we talked about one of our oddest double features yet; the 1994 film 'Clifford' and the 1993 film "Clean, Shaven". 

Here's the film Trailer:

Here’s the podcast we did with Marcus Pinn:

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