This is the raw unedited recording of another episode of MOVIES FROM HELL. This time we are joined by the hyper intelligent Trever Stottlemyer and also hyper intelligent John Arminio to discuss Conan rip-off movies.

In between, what appears to be, hallucinations from Bradley Kornish, there is talk with our guests and host Dan Pullen regarding a ton of films and unrelated stuff. All the clips and trailers are included here. We hope you enjoy the festivities.

You can find John and Trevor on Twitter here:

Trevor Stottlemyer at https://twitter.com/Ambass_Radio
John Arminio at https://twitter.com/QuasarSniffer

Movies/topics discussed on this episode:

Edible Practical Effects
Conan Rip Off films
The tragic story of Phil Spector and the star of Deathstalker
Tanya Roberts
Fulci’s Conquest (1983)
Yor: The Hunter from The Future (1983)
The Beastmaster (1982)
Deathstalker (1983)
Otherworld (tv show, 1985)
Nightmare on Elm Street
Barbarian Queen 1985
Red Sonja
Private Parts (1972)
Lifeguard (1976)
The Turin Horse
Mandy Sountrack
Ator: The Fighting Eagkle (182)
Trash Humpers
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Jimmy Castor Bunch
A View to A kill
Circle of Iron
Hawk The Slayer (1980)
with music from Foehammer and ELP

Dan and Trevor also started to talk about Frank Zappa, but Bradley cut them off.

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