Shock Cinema 11 (1997)

by Steve Puchalski
Publication date 1997

Here at MOVIES FROM HELL we are big fans of pre-internet film review publications. With the exception of a few great websites (Daily Grindhouse, The Pink Smoke, Pinnland Empire and Grumpire – to name a few) the internet has become an echo-chamber of short, fast and low-effort film commentary with little attention to original thought and content.

From the late 1970’s and through the 1990’s the world of Cult, Horror, Exploitation and Underground Cinema was home to countless ‘Zines’ and content specific magazines, often low-fi in production but high in content and obsession level dedication to discovery and originality.

In short, we love Zines and would like to share some of our new discoveries and favorites with you… and thanks to great resources link Internet Archive we now have access to thousands of these publications that have been cared for lovingly by their owners then scanned and archived for our viewing and reading pleasure.

We are by no means experts in the history of genre publications and film zines, but we are deep appreciators of the format and are dedicated to bring you some of our favorites on a regular basis. Please enjoy what we are sharing here, or explore for yourselves… this link here for the most comprehensive list we have found online: ScifiCultHorrorAndFantasyFilmAndFictionZines this week we bring you SHOCK CINEMA Number 11 (1997)

Usage Attribution 3.0


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